Health Politics Religion

As a general rule, our purpose is to provide you with information and resources about local events and groups that promote social interaction.

There are three topics, however, that are best researched elsewhere.

Health and Medical Resources: Most community-based LGBTQ+ centers and groups can provide you with better information on local medical facilities, physicians, and medical treatment options. Please contact local experts for referrals relating to your health.

Politics: “All politics is local” is a common and fairly accurate summation of how you should approach your participation in political affairs. Just a little research will reveal a plethora of political groups and organizations in your local area. Find one, or more, and get involved on the local, state, or federal level (or on all three). Be a part of the solution.

Religion: One of the most sensitive topics of all time. It is the one topic that each individual must examine in their own way, at their own pace, to find their own inner peace. You don’t need us to help you do that…