Be social and get Out! in the Carolinas

Wow! Over 70 Carolina-based social events in August…and counting.

Our Facebook event calendar for August 2017 includes pride-related programs, sports events, youth meetings, fundraisers, arts and music performances.

When we created the State & Regional event calendar, the vast number of annual Pride Festivals and major events held in the Carolinas surprised even us.

However, the big surprise arrived a few months later with the addition of the Facebook Event calendar.

We have found and shared dozens of LGBTQ social events in North and South Carolina.  Even more were shared with us by you, via email and Facebook.

Facebook Social Event Promotions are Free

Facebook event pages are an excellent, free tool for promoting a variety of programs.  We encourage LGBTQ organizations to use them regularly.  The more you create, the better we and your supporters can share them.  Be sure to create a fully descriptive title to identify the event, its purpose, and/or sponsor.


Thank you for your support thus far.  Your efforts, in concert with our volunteer staff, are helping spread the word.

We look forward to promoting your LGBTQ social events.

Get Out! Be Social…


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South Carolina Pride “Light It Up!” 2017 events announced

The Famously Hot South Carolina Pride committee has announced, via their Facebook Page, that the 2017 Festival will be held in October.  In addition, a nighttime parade has been added for the preceding day.

October 20, 2017

Join us for the area’s first-ever NIGHT TIME PARADE!

A first for SC Pride, we are LIGHTING UP MAIN STREET to show our true, brilliant colors!

No one’s done anything like this! Come join us FRIDAY NIGHT!

Save the Date! More info coming soon!

October 21, 2017

Save the date for our 28th annual SC Pride Festival!

Once again we are flooding Main Street with LGBT Pride.

Join us for amazing entertainment, important messages and speeches, a ton of vendors and booths, and more more more. Last year, we saw 55,000 people. This year, we want to show the world how we LIGHT IT UP!